Craig Taylor

Founder and CEO of Iapetus Holdings

Mentor at Atlas Scholars

Craig Taylor is the founder and CEO of Iapetus Holdings and seven self-funded multimillion-dollar operating companies under Iapetus Holdings. Craig spent several years as a leader in the US Navy. He holds a University of Maryland B.S., a Fordham University JD, and a Columbia University and London Business School joint MBA. In 2021 he was recognized among the Top 50 Multicultural Leaders by the National Diversity & Leadership Conference, Houston Business Journal’s Diversity in Business Awards and Titan Award – Entrepreneur; Iapetus won the Platinum award -Company. The non-profit he cofounded, Atlas Scholars, won the 2021 Ally Energy Superheroes GRIT award. Iapetus was listed #1 among the Houston Business Journal’s 2022 List of Veteran-Owned Businesses.

When discussing his restless entrepreneurial spirit Taylor stated, “It keeps me young. It keeps me excited. There’s so many different things going on out in the world that are so incredibly interesting.” Taylor served in the U.S. Navy and went on to trade in energy at the New York Mercantile Exchange after realizing a career in law was not right for him. In 2006, he invested $10,000 to start Atlas Commodities LLC, a natural gas and crude oil brokerage service. Soon, the launch of several companies followed, adding up to a total of seven. The portfolio companies under Iapetus Holdings are Atlas Commodities, Atlas Retail Energy, Atlas Field Services, Soaring Eagle Technologies, Hyperion Safety Environmental Solutions, Iapetus Infrastructure Services, and Gold Coast Utility Services. Currently, the companies focus on oil, gas, and drones. However, Taylor plans to expand more into environmental energy companies.

Taylor went on to explain how his socioeconomic background and veteran status have shaped the way he conducts business today. Because he grew up with a low household income, he knows that being budget-conscious is vital. In addition, his time in the Navy taught him the importance of accountability and excellence in the workplace. As a Black man, Taylor has also learned that there will always be obstacles in life and one must simply deal with them head-on.

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