A Proposed Tuition Free Public Charter School

Building a better
tomorrow starts with
our kids.

A 21st century education that is aligned to local and global workforce needs.

We are an approved tuition free public charter school launching in 2025 in West Houston serving grades 6-12.

Learn about our vision as we dive into the inception of NextGen Innovation Academy.

Our Mission

NextGen Innovation Academy (NGIA) will provide a safe learning environment for all our students from diverse backgrounds to inspire innovation, provide experiential education, and cultivate our students’ academic excellence. Through our strong focus on STEM+M education and entrepreneurship, our students will have a path for success in post-secondary education, college, career or military and become a positive contributor to our community and workforce.

“…New opportunity to increase Houston students’ access to the cutting-edge careers”

“…Just what [students] need to be to succeed in today’s world.”

Our Principles

Create a world class school in partnership with the local as well as global community that serves as a hub for innovation, inspiration and incubation for our students, and  where they believe that they can be anything they wish to be.

NextGen Innovation Academy strictly prohibits racial discrimination in all its activities, admissions, and employment. We are committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion, ensuring every community member is respected, valued, and has equal opportunities to thrive.

Our vision is to empower the next generation of leaders and innovators and create a community focused school that combines STEM+M learning experiences with mentor-based leadership development and entrepreneurship.



Innovative Biotech Leaders will be developed through strategic programming that students will receive throughout their entire experience at NGIA. Having an aligned pathway from middle school through 12th grade will prepare students to attend college or enter the workforce. NGIA will serve as the educational hub for “inspiring, innovating, incubating” with a rigorous STEM+M curriculum.



NGIA students will have a community-based mentor in middle school and high school. NGIA will develop a strong mentorship program by recruiting mentors representing the STEM +M field.  In addition, projects and programming for global student experiences with international students will be developed.



Students at NGIA will believe that they can be anything they choose to be. A positive school culture intentionally developed with time and training for all staff in Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) programming, as well as a daily reflection block during the school day will lend strength and support to this.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our highly motivated and diverse board.

Our leadership team is a group of leaders from our local community here in Houston and West Houston, with a track record of making  positive impact and driven to expand access and educational opportunity for students in our city.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will NextGen innovation Academy (NGIA) have entrance criteria for students to apply and enroll at the campus?

    NextGen innovation Academy will be a 100% open enrollment public charter school with no entrance criteria for applicants. We will welcome all students to apply at our campus.

  • Which grade levels will NextGen have space available to accept students?

    Next Gen. will launch in August 2024 and will accept 150 students in grade 6 and 150 students in grade 7. In subsequent years NextGen will only accept 150 students in grade 6.

  • Will Nextgen Innovation Academy charge tuition?

    NextGen innovation Academy is a 100% tuition free open enrollment public charter school. No tuition will be charged from any student enrolled at Nextgen Innovation Academy.

  • What is unique about NextGen Innovation Academy?

    NextGen innovation Academy will be a 6 to 12 school that will offer Biomedical/Biotech electives beginning in middle school. In addition, NextGen proposes to offer Dual Credit and Advanced Placement coursework for students. There will also be a regular track for students who are not keen to pursue the dual credit or Advanced Placement courses.

  • What is special about the Biomedical/Biotech pathway at Nextgen Innovation Academy?

    Every student at NextGen Innovation Academy will take Biotech classes beginning in 8th grade. The Biotech class called Principles of Biomedical Science in 8th grade will be a high school credit course. Students will be eligible to take the industry credential exam that will make them job-ready as early as 10th grade. All students will have an opportunity for internship/practicum at various medical institutions in grades 11 and 12.

  • What kind of mentorship opportunities will NGIA offer?

    NGIA will offer mentors beginning in middle school and there is time built into the school day in the morning for mentors to work with our students. All mentors will have background checks as well as mentorship training that will be provided to them before the mentoring experience begins. All mentors will be supervised during their mentoring experience and open-ended feedback will be collected from the mentee as well as the mentor every month around progress, concerns and needs. There will also be an evaluation of the mentor program every semester and the Superintendent will share the same with the school board.

  • What additional opportunities does NextGen offer for their students?

    NextGen will host a summer camp for all incoming 6th graders as well as offer opportunities to students for study abroad in the summer. Partial scholarships will be available for the same.

  • Does NextGen have any association with the Medical Center?

    NextGen innovation Academy will be associated with Baylor College of Medicine. Baylor College of medicine will be supporting our teachers with teacher training, student mentors, internship and practicum opportunities.

  • What is the curriculum that will be used at NextGen?

    NextGen Innovation Academy will use approved high quality instructional materials for all core content areas. The curriculum along with student performance will be monitored regularly by the school leadership and the school board. Our goal is to have a high performing school where all students will grow and have positive outcomes. NextGen will have a special populations coordinator, an ESL coordinator, a math coach and a literacy coach in year 1 to support our students. There will be a robust plan also to support students that will need special services, 504 plans, emergent bilingual students, gifted and talented students and those with dyslexia.

  • Which curriculum will be used for the Biotech courses?

    NextGen will develop an in-house curriculum for 6th grade. The curriculum for 7 through 12th grade will be the TEKS aligned state approved curriculum. Please see the list of courses under the curriculum tab. These courses are part of the career and technology education portfolio. Austin Community College are national leaders in high school Biotech curriculum and have offered free curriculum to NextGen Innovation Academy for the Biotechnology courses. This curriculum is TEKS aligned.

  • Will students be job ready when they graduate from NextGen?

    Our goal is to have 100% of our students successfully pass the Biotech credentialing exam called BACE. This will allow them to be hired for well paid jobs at the new upcoming Texas Medical Center, the new Bioport 500-acre facility. NextGen students will also be college ready with a strong educational foundation.

  • What additional support will NextGen have for students with gaps?

    NextGen innovation Academy has one hour built in that morning called Eagle Experience for students to work with their Equal Experience teachers for enrichment and acceleration in core subjects. This will also be a time for learning the AVID skills that are critical for college and career readiness. NextGen will be working closely with the AVID assigned program manager as well as the campus AVID administrator to make sure that teachers are supported with lessons and tasks for students to learn the AVID curriculum.

  • What will NextGen do for resiliency, character, and life skills education for their students?

    NextGen will implement a multi-tiered system of support with positive behavior intervention strategies as well as a daily 10-minute reflection block for our students. Our goal is to support all around development and growth of students which includes teaching self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and social awareness as a part of everyday core instruction. Thus, our academic program, AVID program and mentor mentee program will be strategically developed to support the same for our young scholars and learners.

  • Notice and Agenda

    Meeting of the Board of Directors of NextGen Global Leadership Academies

    Friday, July 21st 12:00PM

    Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Board of Directors of NextGen Global Leadership Academies will be held on Friday, July 21,2023. The Board will convene the meeting in Open Session at 12:00PM The Board will meet at 1520 Lake Pointe Pkwy, Sugar Land, TX 77478.

    It is the intent of the Board to have a quorum, or the presiding officer, physically present at the above address. Board members not physically present may participate by live two-way video and audio feed in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act.

    Items will not necessarily be discussed or considered in the order they are printed on the agenda below. If, during the course of the meeting, discussion of any item on the agenda should be held in an executive or closed session, the Board will convene in such executive or closed session as permitted by and in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code Chapter 551.

    1. Roll Call; Establishment of Quorum; Call to Order
    2. PublicComments
    3. Consideration and take possible action on position of Superintendent.
    4. Closed Session: The Board may adjourn into Closed Session on any item listed above or below as appropriate to that item pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Act.
      • Consultation with Legal Counsel, Govt. Code 551.071, Consultation on Personnel and position of Superintendent, Govt. Code 551.074.
    5. Reconvene into Open Session and Take Action, if any, on Items Discussed in Closed Session.
    6. Consent Items
    7. Adjourn

    In accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act (Subchapters D and E of Ch. 551, Tex. Gov’t Code), the Board may enter closed meeting to deliberate any subject authorized by Subchapter D that is listed on the agenda for this meeting.
    Any final action, decision, or vote on a subject deliberated in closed meeting will be taken in an open meeting held in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act.

    This notice was posted at 1:00P, July 13, 2023

    Board Meeting And School Tour Photos

    Team NextGen presenting at a community meeting in the Harris County Community Center in Precinct

    Community Meeting at Harris County

    Team NextGen presenting at a community meeting in the Harris County Community Center in Precinct

    NGIA Information Session

    Hosting a NGIA information session at the District A Town hall!

    Community Meeting at Proposed School

    Team NextGen sharing information at a Community Meeting at the proposed school site!

    School Tour

    Team NextGen tours another charter school in town to observe and emulate best practices!

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