A Proposed Tuition Free Public Charter School

Building a better
tomorrow starts with
our kids.

A 21st century education that is aligned to local and global workforce needs.

We are a proposed tuition-free public charter school launching in 2024 in West Houston serving grades 6-12.

Learn about our vision as we dive into the inception of NextGen Innovation Academy.

Our Mission

NextGen Innovation Academy (NGIA) will provide a safe learning environment for all our students from diverse backgrounds to inspire innovation, provide experiential education, and cultivate our students’ academic excellence. Through our strong focus on STEM+M education and entrepreneurship, our students will have a path for success in post-secondary education, college, career or military and become a positive contributor to our community and workforce.

“…New opportunity to increase Houston students’ access to the cutting-edge careers”

“…Just what [students] need to be to succeed in today’s world.”

Our Principles

Create a world class school in partnership with the local as well as global community that serves as a hub for innovation, inspiration and incubation for our students, and  where they believe that they can be anything they wish to be.

Our vision is to empower the next generation of leaders and innovators and create a community focused school that combines STEM+M learning experiences with mentor-based leadership development and entrepreneurship.



Innovative Biotech Leaders will be developed through strategic programming that students will receive throughout their entire experience at NGIA. Having an aligned pathway from middle school through 12th grade will prepare students to attend college or enter the workforce. NGIA will serve as the educational hub for “inspiring, innovating, incubating” with a rigorous STEM+M curriculum.



NGIA students will have a community-based mentor in middle school and high school. NGIA will develop a strong mentorship program by recruiting mentors representing the STEM +M field.  In addition, projects and programming for global student experiences with international students will be developed.



Students at NGIA will believe that they can be anything they choose to be. A positive school culture intentionally developed with time and training for all staff in Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) programming, as well as a daily reflection block during the school day will lend strength and support to this.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our highly motivated and diverse board.

Our leadership team is a group of leaders from our local community here in Houston and West Houston, with a track record of making  positive impact and driven to expand access and educational opportunity for students in our city.

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